Warranty Policy


1. THE STANDARD WARRANTY on all products is one Calendar year. For example: January 1st to December 31st and its called manufacturer warranty.

2. Complete installations by Reohob have 1 year warranty (This applies to both Inverter System packages and Solar – Inverter system packages).

3. For Installations that include other products from other suppliers or companies, our warranty is flexible.

4. Uninstallation and repair of inverter or solar systems purchased from us without informing us will have the warranty cancelled..


5. Call Up – Charge Fee is a standard Fee to be paid for every single time an engineer is requested to visit site one month after Installation has been completed and certified satisfactory by the customer.

6. Call Up Charge only covers site visit to troubleshoot and solve problems that do not need major repairs, if the inverter is damaged and needs replacement of parts and repairs, a separate fee will be charged for that purpose. (When the 1 year warranty period expires).

7. Whenever a warranty is invoked in the first year, transportation of products from client’s base to company office or repair centre are to be covered by the client and call up charge is to be paid.

8. Some repairs and replacement are done for free, when it doesn’t involve a burn, overload or power surge damage, otherwise payment for damaged part will be made.

9. Only one warranty is available during the one calendar year of the warranty period.


10. All installations are done within 24 – 48 hours after payment is confirmed by accounting department. In a case of any further delay due to the number of pending installations, information will be communicated to the customer accordingly.

11. After installation is completed, the batteries are to be charged for a minimum of 12 hour before use (it can be charged up to 24 hours).


12. All Payments made to our company accounts are non-refundable. And in a situation that the customer isn’t available for delivery, delivery will be rescheduled to the customer earliest convenience.


13. Online and phone consultations are free (email – info@reohob.com or mobile: 081794835533 or 08038079483).

14. Requesting for physical site inspection before quotation is given will attract the call up charge of a minimum of N20,000.00, depending on location and distance.


15. A Customer can request 1 check-up for their batteries, inverter systems or solar panels within the warranty period at an extra fee of N30,000.00, the check-up will be slated for the 6th or 10th month after purchase